Discover Notion’s Template Gallery for Enhanced Productivity

Discover Notion’s Template Gallery for Enhanced Productivity

Notion Picks

The Notion Picks category features a selected collection of templates chosen by the Notion team. These templates cover a broad variety of use cases, including project management and team collaboration, as well as personal productivity and creative endeavors. Notion Picks provides customers with high-quality, well-designed templates that may help them restart their productivity and improve their entire Notion experience.

How Notion uses Notion

The How Notion Utilizes Notion category contains information on how the Notion team uses the app for internal activities. This category provides an overview of how Notion uses its own platform for project management, content production, knowledge sharing, and other purposes. Users may take inspiration from and learn from Notion’s own practices by studying these templates to maximize their app use.

AI Notion

The Notion AI category digs into artificial intelligence integration inside the Notion workspace. These templates demonstrate how artificial intelligence-powered features may improve productivity and automation. Notion AI templates highlight the potential for AI to optimize processes and give intelligent insights inside the app, from smart task management to data analysis and sentiment monitoring.


The Design category in Notion templates appeals to design professionals and amateurs. These templates include wireframing, mood board development, design thinking, and other tools. The design templates, with design-specific features and adjustable layouts, help designers concentrate their creative process, interact with stakeholders, and successfully present their work.


The Education category includes templates for teachers, students, and educational institutions. These templates are useful for lesson preparation, course management, monitoring student progress, and collaborative projects. Using the education templates, instructors may use Notion to simplify their teaching procedures, engage students, and build a dynamic learning environment.


The Engineering category includes templates designed specifically for engineers, developers, and tech teams. Project management, issue tracking, code documentation, and agile development are all covered in these templates. The engineering templates, which include capabilities like version control, code snippets, and roadmap planning, enable technical teams to interact, monitor progress, and simplify their development processes inside Notion.


Independent professionals and freelancers are catered to under the Freelance category. These templates aid with customer management, project tracking, invoicing, and time tracking. These templates may help freelancers keep organized, track their job progress, and enable smooth communication and cooperation with customers, all inside the Notion workplace.

Health & Wellness

The Health & Wellness category focuses on personal health and wellness management templates. Workout trackers, diet planners, habit trackers, and self-care routines are among the templates available. These templates, which include features like progress monitoring, goal setting, and individualized health plans, enable people to focus on their well-being and build a healthy lifestyle by using Notion.

Home & Living

The Home & Living category contains templates for arranging many parts of one’s personal and domestic life. Home inventory, cleaning schedules, food planning, and home improvement projects are all covered in these templates. Individuals may use these templates to keep their homes tidy, simplify everyday activities, and successfully manage personal projects inside Notion.

HR & People

Human Resources & People provides templates for managing human resources, team members, and employee-related procedures. Employee onboarding, performance evaluations, vacation tracking, and team directories are among the templates available. HR professionals and managers may use these templates to improve HR operations, increase employee engagement, and keep vital personnel information in one place inside Notion.


Marketing templates are focused on assisting marketing professionals with strategy planning and campaign execution. Content calendars, marketing project trackers, social media planning, and campaign dashboards are among the templates available. Marketers may simplify their marketing activities, interact with team members, and assess campaign effectiveness inside Notion by using the marketing templates.


The Nonprofit category contains templates designed specifically for nonprofit organizations. These templates provide project management, fundraising, donor tracking, and impact reporting capabilities. Within the Notion workspace, nonprofit organizations may use these templates to simplify operations, manage fundraising campaigns, and effectively convey their impact.


Templates for personal usage and self-improvement are under the Personal category. Habit trackers, personal goal setting, journaling, and gratitude journals are among the templates available. Individuals may use these templates to create healthy habits, measure personal success, and emphasize self-reflection and personal improvement within Notion.

Personal Finance

The personal finance category focuses on financial planning and budget management templates. These templates contain budget planners, cost trackers, debt management tools, and investment portfolios. Individuals may have greater control over their money, create financial objectives, and make educated financial choices inside the Notion workplace by using these templates.


To help with project planning, goal setting, and time management, the Planning category provides templates. Project roadmaps, goal trackers, yearly planning, and meeting agendas are among the templates available. Individuals and teams may use these templates to successfully plan their projects, manage progress, and guarantee alignment with their objectives inside Notion.

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Product managers and product development teams are catered to under the Product category. Product roadmapping, feature prioritization, user research, and product documentation are all possible with these templates. Product templates let teams optimize their product management procedures, interact more effectively, and monitor product development milestones inside Notion.

Reading and writing

For book tracking, reading lists, writing prompts, and content preparation, there are templates under the Reading & Writing category. These templates let people organize their reading resources, measure their progress, and maintain a writing workflow inside Notion. These templates improve users’ reading and writing experiences by including features such as reading progress monitors and content calendars.


The sales category focuses on sales teams and professional templates. Sales pipelines, lead tracking, customer relationship management (CRM), and sales performance dashboards are among the templates available. Sales teams may use these templates to optimize their sales processes, manage leads, and measure sales success inside the Notion workspace.


For customer support teams and helpdesk management, the Support category includes templates. Ticketing systems, knowledge bases, customer feedback trackers, and support processes are among the templates available. Support teams may use these templates to handle client inquiries, monitor support issues, and give timely help inside the Notion workspace.


The Startup category contains templates designed specifically for startups and entrepreneurs. Business planning, fundraising decks, investor interactions, and product development are all covered in these templates. Startups may use these templates to structure their company operations, effectively explain their vision, and measure their progress toward success inside the Notion workspace.